Friday, May 16, 2008

Lillian Friedman - First Female American Animator!

Lillian Friedman became the first woman animator 1933, working for the Fleischer Studios. Some of the short animations she worked on include: Buzzy Boop at the Concert (1938), Pudgy and the Lost Kitten (1938), Honest Love and True (1938), The New Deal Show (1937), Pudgy Takes a Bow-Wow (1937), Be Human (1936), Hawaiian Birds (1936), Making Stars (1935), Judge for a Day (1935), and Betty Boop's Prize Show (1934). Hawaiian Birds (who's screenshot photo featured to the right), is in my top ten favorite short animations. I grew up watching Fleischer Bros. animation as well as Looney Tunes, Disney Shorts, etc. and Hawaiian Birds stands out as being one of my favorites for many reasons! Definitely something to check out on


Anonymous said...

Only two cartoons with Lillian Friedman are presumed lost:
Buzzy Boop at the Concert (1938) and Honest Love and True (1938), no copies are known to exist.

ginnym said...

Hi-- I was fascinated with your May post on gender and women animators-- Can you tell me where you found that quote on Disney not hiring women for animation-- thanks, Ginny M

Simile Writer said...

Great post! Lilly's grandson is a friend of mine.